REVER manages to reduce 30% of refunds for major brands in the furniture and decoration sector

“REVER manages to reduce 30% of refunds for major brands in the furniture and decoration sector”. eCommerce News. 23 October 2023. Archived from the original on 17 November 2023. Archived 17 November 2023. The continued growth of e-commerce has increased sales for thousands of businesses. However, this trend has also intensified challenges in returns and exchanges of purchased products. As the rise of e-commerce continues to transform industries, brands are grappling with the rising costs and operational inefficiencies that come with increased return rates. Regardless of sector, returns pose a financial challenge, with an even greater impact in impulse buying sectors such as online. However, each sector has different characteristics, requiring customised solutions to address their specific challenges.

Against this backdrop, REVER addresses these challenges and revolutionises returns by reducing up to 30% of refunds for some major brands in the sector such as Hannun, and DecoTherapy the interior design marketplace that works with IKEA, Kave Home or La Redoutte, among others. The company’s focus is on developing tailored logistics solutions for efficient returns management of bulky and delicate items, an imminent need for the sector’s demand. Products classified within the furniture and décor category tend to be larger and heavier, contributing to higher return costs compared to smaller items. Ensuring secure packaging for fragile items adds an additional layer of complexity to returns management. Concerns about possible damage during initial shipment persist during the returns process, which could complicate refund or replacement procedures. In addition, the complexities of international returns pose another set of challenges, including complicated customs procedures and high international shipping costs.

Adapting to the needs of the sector to promote its profitability

The company has introduced a specialised module within its platform dedicated to furniture and décor returns, addressing these challenges holistically. The solution focuses on reducing domestic and international logistics costs, streamlining product pick-up processes to alleviate warehousing challenges and accelerating inventory transit times for faster resale. The platform also provides expert customs management and real-time control over returns, consolidating financial, operational, logistics and customer service information.

“At REVER, we are committed to addressing the obstacles that hinder the smooth operation of e-commerce businesses in the industry,” said Oriol Hernández i Fajula and Màrius Montmany, founders of REVER. “Our platform provides a much more efficient returns process, improving internal operations, meeting shoppers’ demands, giving greater control over the returns process, improving the customer’s shopping experience and significantly reducing the costs associated with returns. We pride ourselves on identifying and resolving the key obstacles that hinder the operation of e-commerce, thereby generating a positive impact on the bottom line.

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REVER is a startup born to revolutionise eCommerce, making the online returns process easier, faster and more sustainable. Born in 2022, the startup was co-founded by Oriol Hernàndez i Fajula and Màrius Montmany. To meet its ambitious expansion plans, the company has brought in internationally renowned investors such as Silicon Valley fund YCombinator, Sequoia’s scouting fund and Mundi Ventures, who join GFC and Óscar Pierre (CEO and co-founder of Glovo). REVER currently has a team of 25 people and a portfolio of more than 100 customers including brands in the Fashion, Shoes, Sports and Electronics sectors. Through a frictionless returns process, the startup enables eCommerce companies to improve internal efficiency and customer experience.

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