REVER Dashboard Updates

New returns overview and filters

We have added more information to the main returns view. Now you can see the type of return (refund, exchange,…), the total value of the refund and its status.

In addition, you can filter and sort by date, making it much easier and clearer.

New detailed view (logistics and gift card)

In the detailed view you can now download the logistics label and access the promotional code sent to the customer for gift card refunds.

Customised dates for analysis

It is now possible to select a custom date range in the analytics view.

Review alerts

We have added an alert in cases where there are orders that have arrived at the warehouse but have not yet been reviewed. If you want to have this functionality let us know and we will activate it in your dashboard.

In the next update, which will be available in September, we will add:

  • Product analytics and reasons: a detailed view of the reasons and details of each returned product to understand why customers return them.
  • Return rates: statistics on return rates relative to sales and their evolution over time.


If you have any questions or suggestions about what you would like to see on the Dashboard, please write reach out to marius@itsrever.com.



Màrius Montmany (Co-CEO and Co-Founder at REVER)