Easier & Faster for Everyone.

Customized Returns Portal

We build you a customized returns portal where your customers can request their returns.

Customers Can Request Their Return in Just 2 Clicks

Thanks to our very easy UX your customers will be able to complete their return in just 2 clicks. Returning products should be as easy as buying them.

Retain Revenue by Offering different Compensation Methods

We offer different compensation options to your customers while maximizing your revenue, by giving them Store credit and Exchanges.

Rever Pays Customers Their Refund in Real-Time

We make instant refunds so that your customers are satisfied - with no risk for you. Forget about refunds in 14 days.

Easy and Fast Collection Process

Your customers will be able to choose different collection options without having to print a label, thanks to our integration with the best logistics players.

Manage All Your Returns in One Place

Automate returning, exchanging or refunding and make the return management system more efficient by getting all the information you need in one same place.