At REVER we want to make your return experience as easy and smooth as possible. 

In case you have had any problems with the process, please refer to the following FAQ section to find an answer to the most recurrent questions our customers have.


How does the process work?

In order to successfully ask for a return, you will need to access the returns section on the brand’s website, which will redirect you to their portal. 

On the portal, please include your Order ID and the email with which the email was purchased, and it will direct you to your order details. 

 Click on every item you want to return and its corresponding return method. 

Select the preferred logistics method and complete the process. 

Once the process is completed you will receive a label to carry out the return of the product. You need to stick it to the package and follow the instructions set on the email which contains the label. 


When will I receive my label?

If you have already processed the return and cannot find the label:

  1. Please check your inbox for an email with the label from returns@itsrever.com. It might have fallen into spam so check that folder just in case!
  2. If you have not received the label 48 hours after your return request, please fill in this form asking for a new one and we will proceed to send it your way. 
  3. If you live outside of the European Union and have not received the label 48 hours after your process request it is because we are still gathering the corresponding documents for customs clearance. Please allow us for a slight more time and we will send it as soon as we can.  


I have received a promotional code and I want a refund. What should I do?

If you want a refund but have a promotional code instead, please answer this form form.itsrever.com You will have the money on your account in under 24 hours!


Can I return the product to an offline store?

Yes, it is possible to return products in physical stores. You will however need to inform us about it by sending an email to help@itsrever.com


My question is not resolved, how can I contact you?

In case your doubt is not included in this FAQs section, please answer this survey and we will solve your incidence as soon as possible: form.itsrever.com