Reduce Cart Abandonment and Increase Sales: A Guide to Optimizing Your E-Commerce Checkout Experience

shopping cart abandonment

On average, 70% of customers are leaving from your website after adding an item to their cart, which translates to 70% of sales practically lost.

Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem faced by many ecommerce businesses, resulting in a significant loss of sales for the business. Understanding the reasons for cart abandonment and implementing solutions to address these issues can help improve the purchasing process and increase conversion rates.

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Most common reasons for lost sales

To improve your checkout experience, you need to understand why customers are leaving after adding items to their cart.

Unexpected high extra costs

High costs added to the cart make the customer rethink their purchase. Once they see the fees added such as taxes and shipping costs, they are less likely to proceed. You don’t want your customers to rethink their purchase.

Give all costs upfront, including shipping costs, taxes, and any other fees. These details can be shown on the product detail page.

The need of creating an account to buy an item

Forcing users to create an account or register breaks the purchase cycle. You are adding an unnecessary step instead of shortening the process.
By offering other checkout options, ecommerce websites can make the purchasing process faster and more convenient for customers, which can increase conversion rates. You may try guest-checkout and social media login.

A too long checkout process

Every added step and form field slows the process of payment. As customers prefer a simple and short process, any additional step may lead to a more complex user experience. Let them buy as straightforwardly as you can!

Reduce steps, minimize data entry, and optimize the checkout to make it more straightforward. Less is more: ask just for the data you need!

Unclear pricing

When customers are shopping online, they want to know the total cost of their purchase, including any applicable taxes and shipping fees. If the pricing on an ecommerce website is unclear, confusing, or misleading, it can be frustrating for customers and may cause them to abandon their cart.
To avoid this issue, it is important to be transparent and clear when displaying the pricing.

The mistrust on the site

Security concerns are common. Try displaying badges such as seals from security firms or customer review ratings to increase customers’ confidence on the website and encourage them to complete a purchase.

What happens to non-mobile friendly sites?

To ensure a good user experience and reduce cart abandonment, it’s important for businesses to ensure that their e-commerce website is mobile-friendly and optimized for use on a variety of devices. Otherwise, it can make it difficult for customers to browse and shop on the site using their smartphone or tablet, which may lead to a poor user experience and may cause customers to abandon their shopping carts.

Analyzing your own website performance and customer behavior to identify the specific reasons for cart abandonment is essential to identify potential solutions that will work best for your business.


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